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Cartels (2017)LemonzOO093
General Commander (2019)hajo03090143
Attrition (2018)LemonzOO0104
Sniper: Special Ops (2016)forzajuve01483
Attack Force (2006)forzajuve0519
Submerged (2005)forzajuve0496
Mercenary for Justice (2006)forzajuve0525
Black Dawn (2005)forzajuve0523
Flight of Fury (2007)forzajuve0365
Out for a Kill (2003)forzajuve0385
Clementine (2004)forzajuve0361
Out of Reach (2004)forzajuve0364
Today You Die (2005)forzajuve0340
Into the Sun (2005)forzajuve0356
Driven to Kill (2009)forzajuve0438
A Dangerous Man (2009)forzajuve0423
The Keeper (2009)forzajuve0364
Against the Dark (2009)forzajuve0385
Kill Switch (2008)forzajuve0300
Pistol Whipped (2008)forzajuve0329
Born to Raise Hell (2010)forzajuve0384
Force of Execution (2013)forzajuve0393
Gutshot Straight (2014)forzajuve0290
Maximum Conviction (2012)forzajuve0390
Ticker (2001)hajo03090514
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