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The Boy in Blue (1986)LemonzOO0344
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (2009)LemonzOO0374
Closing the Ring (2007)LemonzOO0318
Red Blooded American Girl (1990)forzajuve0422
A Stranger in the Mirror (1993)forzajuve0463
Lily in Love (1984)forzajuve0428
Dragnet (1987)forzajuve0428
Aces High (1976)forzajuve0612
Triple Cross (1966)forzajuve0548
Waterloo (1970)LemonzOO1554
Emotional Arithmetic (2007)forzajuve0358
Somewhere in Time (1980)LemonzOO0323
The Insider (1999)forzajuve0524
Dreamscape (1984)forzajuve1471
Hanover Street (1979)forzajuve0385
Ararat (2002)LemonzOO0416
Inside Daisy Clover (1965)forzajuve0447
Beginners (2010)LemonzOO0574
Eyewitness (1981)LemonzOO0650
NBC Experiment in TelevisionLemonzOO0872
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