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Psych - Episode 4.01 - He Dead - Plotline and Casting Call

Shawn & Gus try to fulfill the dying wish of billionaire hedge fund manager WARREN CLAYTON, by seeking to unmask his killer...

The pretty, well-maintained, blue-blood widow of billionaire hedge fund manager Warren Clayton, she is furious when the police initially suspect that her husband's death in a plane crash was an accident, insisting that Warren was murdered, and is instantly impressed when Shawn agrees with her. In truth, Alice is a woman who was trapped in a loveless marriage, and has been having an affair with her tennis pro, so she has an excellent motive to want Warren dead. She hires Shawn to find the killer, but winds up with another devastating loss: her husband's hedge fund is a Ponzi scheme, and she's left destitute...GUEST STAR (10)

In her late 20’s-30, she is a stark contrast to the rest of her spoiled, wealthy family. Nyna is the oldest daughter of Warren Clayton, a beautiful hippie-progressive environmental activist who broke with her father long ago, and is treated by the family as if she is dead. Married to Charles Phillips, she's the co-founder of "The Great Green Hope," a political action group. Appalled by her father's golf course development, she reluctantly agreed to try and reconcile with him -- and after being falsely arrested for the homicide of Warren Clayton, she's horrified to ultimately realize that her husband is responsible for her father's murder...GUEST STAR (34)

The husband of Nyna Phillips, Charles is another environmental activist -- but unlike his wife, he's unwilling to turn his back on his father-in-law's massive fortune. Having pleaded with Warren to reinstate Nyna in his will, Charles turned bitterly vindictive when Warren refused, and coolly plotted the murder of his father-in-law -- a plot that's ultimately unraveled by Shawn.sptv050769..GUEST STAR (37)

The attractive Hispanic housekeeper-cook at the Clayton mansion, she in fact was having a clandestine affair with the late Warren Clayton, and appears to be the only person who is genuinely distressed by his death...1 speech & 3 lines, 2 scenes (16)


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