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Question: The Burn Notice finale was incredible! Got any scoop on season 3? --Jennifer
Ausiello: Jennifer Esposito's no longer playing season 3's big bad!

Question: Love, love, loved the Burn Notice finale! Got any scoop on next season?
Answer: No official word yet on if John Mahoney will be back, but my Magic 8-Ball says, "Signs point to yes." In other news, Michael's about to get another foxy lady nemesis. The show is now casting for a Miami detective who thinks Michael is a criminal. Burn Notice has had Stacy Haiduk, Dina Meyer and Tricia Helfer, so obviously this role needs to go to another sci-fi babe. Any suggestions? (Is Lucy Lawless too obvious? Do you think Brigid Brannagh can get some time off from Army Wives? Felicia Day?)

Burn Notice - Episode 3.01 - Friends and Family - Plotline and Casting Call

An old friend of Michael's resurfaces just in time to bail him out of jail -- and request a favor in return...

[MARTA] Female, Latina, 30's. This pretty South American woman, who SPEAKS WITH AN ACCENT, has seen her brother killed and her father jailed as part of a corrupt land grab by Rufino Cortez. She is desperate to prevent her father's further torment and hires Michael to deliver Cortez to the minister of justice in Venezuela so he can be brought up on charges...GUEST STAR (11)

[ALFREDITO] In his 40s - 50s, Caucasian, slimy, hard-eyed and cruel, he is Rufino Cortez's gatekeeper who meets with prospective business partners first. He doesn't trust Michael and violently dislocates his shoulder...LARGE GUEST STAR (15)

[RUFINO CORTEZ] Male, Latino, in his 60s, SPEAKS WITH AN ACCENT. He is an intimidating and scary-looking South American man with white hair, he is fiercely guarded and protected, nearly impossible to meet with. Known as "El Jefe" (the boss), Rufino owns a nightclub and is the powerful force behind a corrupt scam that bribes officials to steal land and jail the land's occupants. He's suspicious of Michael but willing to hear him out.sptv050769..GUEST STAR (15)

Burn Notice - Episode 3.02 - Casting Call

[PATRICIA] Female, 30s, any ethnicity. A pretty Suburban soccer mom who has recently separated from her husband, Howard. When their son is kidnapped, her first reaction is to blame her estranged husband. But despite their animosity, it’s clear that she cares more about him than she lets on. GUEST STAR IF CREDITS WARRANT.

[HOWARD] Male, 30s, any ethnicity. A mild-mannered, buttoned-down sales manager who once put his job ahead of his family. When his young son is kidnapped, Howard feels responsible and discovers a courage he didn’t know he had. sptv050769 GUEST STAR IF CREDITS WARRANT.

Burn Notice - Episode 3.03 - End Run - Casting Call

[CARVER] Male, 40s, any ethnicity. An engineer type. A mid-level employee in the R & D division of a weapons manufacturer. Intelligent... but thinks he's smarter than he really is. A life-long bachelor with an abrasive personality, Carver is short on patience and has a quick temper. He's also a gun nut, who doesn't hesitate to take the law into his own hands...GUEST STAR IF CREDITS WARRANT.

Burn Notice - Jennifer Esposito to Guest

Don't panic. Samantha Who? hasn't been canceled. But it has wrapped production for the season, which has freed Jennifer Esposito up to moonlight on cable's hottest show.

Sources confirm to me exclusively that Esposito has booked a multi-episode arc on Burn Notice as Michael's (Jeffrey Donovan) latest arch nemesis. Her character, Michelle Paxon, is a Miami PD detective who becomes obsessed with uncovering the truth about Michael.

Esposito will debut early into BN's third season, which started shooting last week and is scheduled to premiere in June.

Jedva cekam 3 sezonu!

Sad ponovo odgledah ovaj trailer i vidim da on uopste nije za 3 sezonu, vec za nastavka druge!


--- Citat: scepo - 25.03.2009. 21:59:46 ---Jedva cekam 3 sezonu!

--- Kraj citata ---

Definitivno. Odlicna serija.


--- Citat: scepo - 25.03.2009. 21:59:46 ---Jedva cekam 3 sezonu!

--- Kraj citata ---

Neka hvala. Dosta mi je i ovo sto sam pogledao.Previse razvlace glavnu pricu. Kao da gledam
spansku seriju. U jednoj epizodi pocnu da piju kafu a par epizoda kasnije i dalje piju istu tu kafu.
Prica je nerealna [gde samo nadje toliko ljudi sa tako eksplicitno zeznutim problemima], dodje
mi da pogledam koju epizodu Star Trek-a kako bi se vratio u stvarnost.
Teme se vrte u krug, kao da opet igram istu igru ali samo sa drukcijom opremom, u prevodu -> brzo dosadi.
A tek kad glavni glumac pocne da se kezi i pokazuje one njegove zube dodje mi da prosviram sebi mozak.
Jedina svetla strana serije je Bruce Campbell [zbog njega sam i odlucio pogledati koju epizodu].

aaaa, e sad mi je malo lakse, izbacio sam iz sebe sve negativno, nakupilo se u meni dosta besa zbog
protracenih par sati uz ovu seriju.

Nadam se da nekog nisam uvredio sa ovim. Samo sam zeleo da izrazim svoje licno misljenje.




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