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Prison Break Spoilers!
« : 21.05.2008. 12:16:43 »
Evo koga zanima tu moze pisat i citat PB spoilere!
Ovo san otvorija tako da u onoj temi tamo nespojlam onima koji nisu jos gledali 3sez. ili ne zele znat sta ce bit u 4sez. ... tako da ovde mozemo mi koji volimo spojlere pricati...

Prison Break Season 4 - August 25th

Prison Break returns on August 25th with a two-hour season finale!!
It will then shift to the 9:00 time slot on Mondays when “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” begins airing.

Prison Break - Episode 4.01 Spoilers

Prison Break
Episode 4.01
Some new spoilers are surfacing for Prison Break Episode 4.01!

Sara appears in the first episode.
Robert Wisdom is out.

Most of the primary characters for 4.01 have been seen before.
The new roles don’t appear in 4.01, so casting is yet unknown.
Matt Olmstead has the writing credit for episode 1.

Sarah Wayne Callies at Fox Upfronts

Sarah Wayne Callies chatted with TV Guide at the Fox upfronts after-party! She dished on Sara’s return and upcoming plotlines.

Sarah says she’s not sure who’s idea it was to bring her back. “Apparently something had been kicking around for a little while,” she says. “I was actually in the process of negotiating to be on another show, and this came out of nowhere.”

She also feels that the MiSa story line deserves closure. “I think it makes sense for me now to return and do justice to that, give it the closure it deserves.”

So where is Sara coming from in Season 4? “I think she’s been through an enormous amount,” Sarah says. “Everybody on the show has been. But as one of the few characters who was not familiar with a life of crime before all this started, it’s hitting her very hard. So I think this season for her is about negotiating the consequences of the choices she has had to make and the things that have been done to her as a result.”

Sarah is also hoping for some scenes with Jodi Lynn O’Keefe. “But, I haven’t read a single script yet, so I don’t know. There were so many terrific women in the third season, and I don’t think I’ve ever had a scene with another woman…”

Jodi is hoping to share a scene with Sara as well, a scene we’d ALL like to see take place! A showdown between Susan B. and Dr. Sara. Can’t wait :)

Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell Chat at Fox Upfronts

The Prison Break actors spilled some secrets on the red carpet at the Fox Upfronts this week!

Wentworth Miller said that if he had to describe Prison Break Season 4, the phrase “the Dirty Seven” comes to mind, as all our fave guys join forces to defeat the Company.

Wentworth also confirmed that Michael might finally get some action this year and that he’s getting his tattoo removed. Wentworth said that the tattoo removal is bittersweet, since that was such a key part of the character in the first two seasons. I’m sure he’s thrilled not to have to spend time getting into the tattoo though!

Dominic Purcell is thrilled about the move to Los Angeels. “It’s about time!” he says. Supposedly the cast was promised that they would move to L.A. in Season 1!

Prison Break - Season 4 Summary!

The official summary from Fox:

After engineering an escape from the hellish Panamanian prison Sona, brothers Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows are determined to seek justice against The Company, the shadowy group responsible for destroying their lives and killing the woman Michael loves, Dr. Sara Tancredi. During their quest for vengeance, Michael’s world is turned upside down when he learns that Sara is still alive. Realizing the only way they will truly be free, Michael and Lincoln avenge to find Sara and take down The Company. With the help of a government handler, they assemble a group of allies and familiar faces including Mahone, Sucre and Bellick to aid in their seemingly impossible task. Unfortunately for the brothers, they must also enlist T-Bag, who unknowingly possesses a vital clue to help them pull off their most difficult challenge yet.
They’ll soon discover the only thing harder than breaking out is breaking in.
- meni se cini da ce oni ic spasavat sucrea, da bar bilo bi dobro al da ga spase u 1,2 ep. a ne u 16ep. ...

Cast: Dominic Purcell as Lincoln Burrows, Wentworth Miller as Michael Scofield, William Fichtner as Alexander Mahone, Amaury Nolasco as Fernando Sucre, Wade Williams as Brad Bellick, Robert Knepper as T-Bag, Sarah Wayne Callies as Dr. Sara Tancredi, Chris Vance as James Whistler, Jodi Lyn O’Keefe as Susan B. Anthony, Danay Garcia as Sofia.

Prison Break - Episode 4.01: Scylla - A Couple of Missing Characters!

Wentworth Miller chats about Michael Rappaport, and how the characters (both good and bad) will pull together to fight the Company.
As far as Spoilers go… in the very first episode we say good-bye to a “couple of characters”. People we thought would stay around a while.

Prison Break - Season 4 - New Character

More Prison Break goodness!! This time we’ll be seeing a new nerdy hacker character named Roland Glenn. He’s set to join the boys for at least six episodes to help them fight the Company. He’s a talker, this one, and his big fat mouth is going to get him into trouble!

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Odg: Prison Break Spoilers!
« Odgovor #1 : 21.05.2008. 14:33:21 »
ono kad su žemskoj mrknuli glavu mi je bilo tako neuvjerljivo, loše odrađeno i nekako strano tijelo u priči da nisam ni sekunde povjerovao da su je maknuli iz serije

Očekivao sam povrat negdje u 3. sezoni no ipak su ostavili za 4. - očito slabo materijala.
May the Plasma be with you!


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Odg: Prison Break Spoilers!
« Odgovor #2 : 21.05.2008. 16:40:05 »
ono kad su žemskoj mrknuli glavu mi je bilo tako neuvjerljivo, loše odrađeno i nekako strano tijelo u priči da nisam ni sekunde povjerovao da su je maknuli iz serije

Tako je bilo i moje misljenje, al u biti nju i jesu maknuli iz serije zbog njezine trudnoce u pravom svitu, pa kad su vidili da fanovi zele da se ona vrati onda su je sad vratili u seriju. MAGIC RESURRECTION! ;D

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Odg: Prison Break Spoilers!
« Odgovor #3 : 21.05.2008. 17:30:20 »
Joj, Šimi, gde li si samo iskopao sve ovo??? :\)

Slažem se da je Sarin come back krajnje kriminalan i da vredja inteligenciju i 100 puta bi bilo bolje da je Michael sreo neku novu, al' šta cu kad me niko ne pita... :'(

P.S. Ove crvene sandale joj zlata vrede, k'o da ih je pozajmila od neke zvezde sedme umetnosti iz nama susedne i veoma prijateljske zemlje, Madjarske!!! ;D


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Odg: Prison Break Spoilers!
« Odgovor #4 : 22.05.2008. 05:17:25 »
Prison Break - Episode 4.02 - Casting Spoiler

Prison Break
Episode 4.02
Airs: September, 2008

In Prison Break Episode 4.02 we’ll meet a new character, Roland Glenn.

They are currently casting the role, with shoot dates scheduled for June 2-12, 2008 (in Los Angeles, CA).

Roland Glenn
25-35, any ethnicity. A computer whiz with poor social skills. Roland works with Scofield and the gang in their attempt to bring down The Company. But, he’s the kind of guy who doesn’t know when to shut up and is cocky at all the wrong times. RECURS IN 6-7 CONSECUTIVE EPISODES (through mid-August). Guest Star.


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Odg: Prison Break Spoilers!
« Odgovor #5 : 23.05.2008. 02:35:03 »
On the Set of Prison Break S4

The cast and crew of Prison Break have picked up the pace and are already working on Season 4.
The location for the scenes that are currently being shot is downtown Los Angeles.
Tuesday was a busy day for Dominic Purcell as he was shooting a scene with Marshall Allman -LJ Burrows- and Danay Garcia -Sofia Lugo-.
As the paps snapped away, Dominic got mad! He even flipped them the bird!

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Odg: Prison Break Spoilers!
« Odgovor #6 : 01.06.2008. 01:09:52 »
Prison Break - Episode 4.02

Prison Break Episode 4.02 will be titled Breaking and Entering.
So speculate away … in where are they breaking and entering? Perhaps to break out Sara?

Sara na snimanju!


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Odg: Prison Break Spoilers!
« Odgovor #7 : 01.06.2008. 11:20:11 »


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Odg: Prison Break Spoilers!
« Odgovor #8 : 06.06.2008. 12:31:45 »
Prison Break Season 4 Premiere - September 1st

Looks like plans for a Prison Break Season 4 August premiere have changed. FOX just announced today that they are planning to premiere Prison Break on Monday, September 1st.

Prison Break will help kick off FOX’s 2008-09 season with a special two-hour premiere (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT).

Cress Williams to Join Prison Break Season 4 as Assassin

Prison Break Season 4 filming is well underway and the new characters are being leaked! These new entrants are set to become key players in the showdown between Michael and The Company.

Michael is enlisting everyone he knows - friend or foe - to take down the Company. Of course Susan B. is retaliating and pulling out the big guns, including a deadly assassin who’s “just itching to take out Michael and his gang.”

So who’s going to play this tough guy? TV Guide announced today that the man will be Cress Williams, most recently seen playing the role of Tucker Jones on Grey’s Anatomy. (What’s with all the crossover between Grey’s Anatomy and Prison Break?!?) Williams has starred on several other prime time shows, including Providence, The West Wing, Veronica Mars, Close to Home, and ER.


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Odg: Prison Break Spoilers!
« Odgovor #9 : 09.06.2008. 10:16:51 »
Prison Break Season 4 - MiSa

Episode 4.02: Breaking and Entering
The breaking and entering that this title refers to will only be during this episode. (So hopefully this means Sara will be out of harms way by the end of the episode!)

Episode 4.03 is titled “Shut Down”
Michael and Sara.  Will their relationship be changing? The Man says that it’s hard to say. “There are going to be some differences because they have changed as people since they first met.”
He continues, saying that there will still be some moments where they are a couple, at least that’s how it is planned.

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Odg: Prison Break Spoilers!
« Odgovor #10 : 11.06.2008. 14:04:40 »
Ako pročitamo sve ove spoilere, da li će nam ubiti želju za gledanjem epizoda? ??? Ili će nas još više zainteresovati? ;)


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Odg: Prison Break Spoilers!
« Odgovor #11 : 11.06.2008. 19:57:54 »
Ako pročitamo sve ove spoilere, da li će nam ubiti želju za gledanjem epizoda? ??? Ili će nas još više zainteresovati? ;)

 ;D Zainteresirat ce te jer nema bas puno o radnji u seriji, nego o novim likovima i odvijanju radnje neki kao nagovjestaj...


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Odg: Prison Break Spoilers!
« Odgovor #12 : 17.06.2008. 19:07:44 »
Prison Break Season 4 - New Spoilers

First up from Kristin at E!Online. She says that Michael Rapaport is coming on board as “a government agent who offers complete freedom (all charges dropped) to Michael Scofield if he helps them to bring down the Company once and for all.” This motivates the good guys to band together to take down Susan B. and all her friends.

Next The Man has revealed a couple tidbits. I seems that Mahone’s family will be mentioned/possibly shown in Season 4. And for those of you who were McGrady fans and hoping to see him join the quest to take down the Company? Well you probably aren’t going to see that happened. It seems that story line is finished.


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Odg: Prison Break Spoilers!
« Odgovor #13 : 23.06.2008. 12:42:23 »
More Prison Break Season 4 Spoilers!


    * In the Season 4 promo spot, Michael aims the gun at a familiar character but does NOT shoot the person.
    * The death count will continue to mount and it will continue to weigh on Michael. Michael will have internal conflicts about how he should react. He may have ruthless intentions, but he may be unable to pull them off.
    * Michael and Sara are together in Episode 4.03, with Linc, Sucre, Mahone and Roland.

Characters in Los Angeles:

    * LJ is in Episode 4.01 but is not part of the team that will be fighting the Company.
    * Lincoln will not lose his credibility about his mistaking the head in the box for Sara… although some people may not like the explanation.
    * During Season 4 we will find out that Susan B./Gretchen is not as smart or as good as she thinks she is.
    * Whistler may be leaving sooner than we thought and there will be no replacement actor.
    * In one scene Sara is in a bar getting drunk. She has an ‘oragami rose’ in her purse and some guy named ‘Wyatt’ shows up at the bar looking for her. Could be a flashback.

Characters in Sona:

    * Bellick is working with Lincoln.
    * T-Bag, going by the name Cole Pfieffer meets up with Shan Xing (who works for The Man), and is offered 100 million in exchange for the ‘book’.

General Plot Spoilers:

    * Episode 4.04 is titled “Eagles and Angels”.
    * Eventually all of the action will end up in the United States.
    * We will be hearing about Jason Leif this season.
    * No word on Molly Leif or a spin-off.


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Odg: Prison Break Spoilers!
« Odgovor #14 : 26.06.2008. 23:26:14 »
James Hiroyuki Liao on Prison Break Season 4

James Hiroyuki Liao will be joining the cast of Prison Break Season 4 as Roland Glenn, a computer hacker who joins forces with Michael and Lincoln.

FOX says that even though he’s on the brothers’ team, he will get in trouble since he tends to talk too much!

This is Liao’s first starring role on a television show. Prior to Prison Break he has appeared in guest spots on CSI and Law and Order.

New Cast Member

Sasha Alexander will be playing Shannon Anderson in episode 1

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Odg: Prison Break Spoilers!
« Odgovor #15 : 30.06.2008. 00:16:08 »
Important note!
"The season is set to be a full one. Prison Break will be on in the fall, take a break (during which Dollhouse and 24 will air), and then in late spring Prison Break will return to finish Season 4".

Spoilers for Ep. 1, 5 and General Spoilers


Michael's tattoo will be addressed in the first episode.


Gretchen is still alive and being held against her will by Wyatt.

The gang breaks into a 'safe' (hence the title) at the Treasury Dep't. Gretchen kills one of Wyatt's guards and escapes. Mahone is on Wyatt's trail.


Due to all of the plot lines, Sucre will now be a combination of his characters in all of the Prison Break seasons.

No mention or appearance of Jane (the woman who worked with Aldo) yet this season.

Agent Lang is set to make an appearance.

Michael Rappaport will be more of a supporting character this season.

The relationships will Mahone will be interesting. "There will be times when there might be some conflict but Michael and Mahone have an understanding and a hesitant respect of each other and what the other can do. Lincoln and Mahone will be more interesting but they may even find something to bring them closer together".

Westmoreland's money was kicked into the water by Kim and retrieved by the Panamanian government. The money was dispersed through the police and no more money for the boys.

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Odg: Prison Break Spoilers!
« Odgovor #16 : 30.06.2008. 21:02:38 »
Sta je ovo zar ce napraviti ovoliku pauzu :(
Dali je ovo da ce napraviti pauzu cak do proljeca da bi zavrsili 4 sezonu pa oni nijesu normalni :o


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Odg: Prison Break Spoilers!
« Odgovor #17 : 05.07.2008. 12:06:36 »
Prison Break Season 4 Spoilers

    * The Scylla six heads does NOT refer to the A-Team (Michael, Lincoln, Sarah, Sucre, Bellick,    Mahone).
    * Lincoln will possibly mention what he did with the head in the box.
    * The Company will not threaten Sucre’s baby. At least not in these episodes.
    * Sofia’s character will be minor - like LJ’s character in Season 3.
    * We will be told what happened with Sara, not shown … at least for now.
    * Although we see Sucre with his baby, we will also see him fighting the Company.
    * There are several events that happen in the first episode to bring together Michael and Lincoln.