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Nesto pobliže o LOST - 05x16 (dvosatna epizoda)

Naziv epizode: The Incident
Datum emitovanja: 13. maj 2009 (epizoda dostupna za download 14. maja)


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Radnja: Jack's decision to put a plan in action in order to set things right on the island is met with some strong resistance by those close to him, and Locke assigns Ben a difficult task, on the season finale of “Lost.”

Sporedni likovi:

Nestor Carbonell - Richard Alpert
L. Scott Caldwell - Rose
Sam Anderson - Bernard
Francois Chau - Dr Pierre Chang
John Terry - Christian Shephard
Patrick Fischler - Phil
Eric Lange - Radzinsky
Zuleikha Robinson - Ilana
Alice Evans - younger Eloise Hawking
Brad William Henke - Bram
Jon Gries - Roger Linus
Jeff Fahey - Frank Lapidus
Andrea Gabriel - Noor “Nadia” Abed Jaseem
Kevin Chapman - Mitch
Emily Rae Argenti - young Kate
Tanner Maguire - young Tom
George Gerdes - Mr. Springer
Agnes Kwak - Aunt Soo
Amy Stewart - mother
Rylee Fansler - young Juliet
Savannah Lathem - young Rachel
William Makozak - Captain Bird
Daniel James Kunkel - anesthesiologist
Sonya Masinovsky - Russian nurse
Keegan Boos - young Sawyer
Colby French - Uncle Doug
John Pete - prison clerk
Michael Trisler - father
Sally Davis - woman
Adam Bazzi - cab driver

Casting News

Any ethnicity, late 30s-60s. Former soldier. A leader of men. Smart but more than that – he is wise. Strong and straightforward. The words he says are always listened to and they carry gravitas. GUEST STAR two episodes. May lead to recurrings. Looking for someone very interesting and very special for this role...

Any ethnicity, 40s-60s. A corporate raider looking to take over his next company. Powerful, devious and obtuse. He has a cunning intellect and a strong sense of danger. GUEST STAR two episodes. May lead to recurring. Looking for someone very interesting and very special for this role...

any ethnicity, 30s. A security man with enough intelligence and physical menace to be good at his job, but he's not moving into management. RECURRING, Guest Star.

Caucasian. 10 year-old, blonde, blue-eyed. Strong personality and defiant. Her parents tell her they are divorcing, and Natalie becomes upset and strident. She doesn't want this to happen, and runs to her room crying. CO-STAR.

Caucasian. 12-year-old brunette. Natalie's older sister. Tries to act more grown-up and stoic. Can hide her feelings while Natalie acts out. Her parents tell her they are divorcing, and Donna is upset, quietly crying. CO-STAR.

Caucasian. Late 30s. Emotionally strong and tries to keep her feelings in check for her family. Unhappy in her marriage and tasked with telling her two young little girls that she and their father are divorcings. NICE CO-STAR.

Caucasian. 10 year-old, brunette. Green eyes. Cute, precocious and confident. Willing to bend the rules to get what she wants. CO-STAR.

Caucasian. 10 year-old, dark strawberry blonde, or reddish-brownish, blue/green eyes. Cute, nervous about breaking the rules but has an adventurous streak. CO-STAR.

Caucasian. 50s. Kindly but can be a hard-ass when necessary. Owns his own rural business. Worked hard to get where he is and provide for his family. CO-STAR.

Any ethnicity, 40s-50s. Professional, military background, intelligent and able. Concerned about the safety of his ship's crew. NICE CO-STAR... THIS ROLE WILL BE IN EP. 515 AND ONE EPISODE OF THE FINALE - THIS ROLE WILL FLY OUT ON THE 10TH

Caucasian, 40s. Charismatic, soft southern accent. Strong and authoritative but knows how to deliver bad news smoothly. Deals bad news to his buddy with empathy. NICE CO-STAR.

Caucasian. 8 to 10 years-old, blonde hair, soft southern accent if possible. Hazel/Light brown eyes. Gone through much in his young life. Anger hides a deep pain. He's a tough kid with a wounded heart. NICO-STAR.


Spoiler for Hiden: -There is mythological advancement in the finale
-The finale has a season 1 feel to it along with season 6
-We will get more information about John Locke and the kill Jacob scenario
-Follow the leader was the first part of the finale
-They joke that jacob is a 60ft tall flaming man
-They hint that sawyer, kate and juliet may get back to the island in a special way.. carlton jokes 'the magic box?'
-The compass is in a time loop, they refer to it as what came first, the chicken or the egg?
-The video from comic con with Faraday talking to Chang was non-canon, only the show is canon, plus they could not get to that storyline in the actual show
-Faraday was meant to stay on the island instead of going to ann arbor, in this time he was going to try convince chang about the future, instead they sent him to ann arbor because of show constraints etc
-Hurley is a good guy, so is Kate and Lapidus and Sayid maybe a bad guy
-60ft Flaming Jacob is a good guy
-Damon says that by the end of the incident and the premier of season 6 we will have enough information to theorise well how the whole series will end, as we will get a substantial piece of information in the incident, but then carlton says at the end of season 6 is when we will have enough information.


Question: Got any scoop on the Lost finale? --Carolyn
Ausiello: Funny, we posed that exact question to Damon Lindelof at the Hollywood premiere of Star Trek earlier this week. "All I will say is that it is time for the time travel craziness to end," he said. "And once it does end, something very, very surprising will happen in its wake. It is a little bit of a game-changer."

Question: Any spoilers about Lost's season finale? Please! --Sarah
Ausiello: Funny, we posed that exact question to Damon Lindelof Jorge Garcia at the Hollywood premiere of Star Trek earlier this week. "People will find out why [Hurley] got on the plane and how he came to get that guitar case in his hands," he said. "I've been wondering about that, too. I remember at one point asking a question about it and getting a, 'We don't know yet.' I had to ask once, 'How heavy is it? Is it just a guitar? Is it something else? How heavy is it supposed to be?' Sometimes I get an empty case to lug around in a scene and sometimes it has a guitar in it, but we don't actually know what's in it because that has not been [revealed] yet. It could be a case full of food or money or guns or papers or anything. So you see me get the case by the finale, but I don't know that we will find out what's in it. It was hard for me to play because at first I did not understand why Hurley would have ever changed his mind about going back to the island, and I'm sure fans are thinking the same thing. So it will be nice to be able to give them that information."


Tracy in El Paso, Texas: What can you tease about the Lost finale?

Look for another game-changing finale. Based on the rumors we're hearing about what happens, you may find yourself wondering how they could still even do the same show after this.


Hey All,
Another article from TV Guide claims Damon Lindelof confirmed that we will see the front of the statue in the finale and that Michael Emerson apparently knows who it based on his own research. According to Emerson and like many of us have speculated the statue is Egyptian God Tawaret.

I am not sure if this is Emerson's speculation or they told him who it was and he did the research.

Here is the article:

Thanks to Jazzbo51 for the heads up!!

Lost fans will see the last angle of the ancient, Goliath four-toed statue on the two-hour May 13 season finale. “You’ve seen its foot. You’ve seen its back,” says exec producer Damon Lindelof. Now at long last, the face will be revealed. Michael Emerson, who plays Benjamin Linus, hopped on the computer and did some research of his own after he realized that the same figure is represented on wall carvings in the island’s underground temple. “She’s Taweret, the goddess of childbirth,” concludes Michael, referencing the pregnant, hippo-headed Egyptian deity. “That dovetails in pretty well with our themes, wouldn’t you say?” says Michael, who also discovered that whom Taweret mates with, and when, is of great relevance.


Hey All,
TV Guide has a new report about the LOST Season 5 Finale that confirms we will see some "dead" characters return.

Both Michael Emerson and Terry O' Quinn provide their thoughts.

Thanks to the TheDemonHog for the heads up.

Here is the article:

The dead will walk again in Lost's two-hour season finale on May 13. Michael Emerson, who plays Ben Linus, tells me, “We see some people from the past. It keeps us speculating why certain people seem to be holding on and revisiting the living in some interesting ways.”

Terry O’Quinn--whose John Locke is one of the undead, says the finale will help explain why John, as well as Jack’s father, Christian, came back to life on the island. “Someone thought they’d be useful,” teases O’Quinn. “Someone is using Locke to their ends.”

So who do you think might be making a return appearance in the finale? Claire? Charlie? Charlotte? (What’s with all these C characters anyway?) And if Charles Widmore is Daniel’s father, who else might he have fathered on the island? Might Charlie and Charlotte have both been named after him?


Thanks to gamblingman for this:

I am currently on vacation and just left Hawaii. While touring the island looking for lost sites, camp erdman, the beach, looking for the fuselage ect and hoping to meet anyone from the show but knowing this was very unlucky, I managed to come upon the filming of lost. Here is what I saw. I do have pics and can post them when I get back home. I am currently on a cruise ship.

They were filming on the beach. Set up were multiple tan tents. I believe the new guy that looks like Syied was sitting outside one of the tents with a metal basin, like one you would put water in. I believe these tents belonged to the crash survivors of the Aijera flight. (yes I know my spelling is probably way off). Sitting on the beach were Ben, Sun and Locke. Richard walks up to them and has something in his hand, maybe the compass he gave John, I don't know. They talk for a minute and then he walks away. What I found interesting is that John and Ben were with Sun and they were talking to Richard. We also went to camp erdman and there was a house, hut, cabin whatever you want to call it that was blown up. Not sure if that is from a previous episode or something coming up.

I got my picture taken with Terry which was awesome. I also got some pics with a Dharma van. Best day of my cruise and vacation. They had a lady at security that kept asking us not to take pictures and to step back. But I got quite a few.

The surf was good at North Shore. End of season for what I am told. No monstrous waves, but I would have put them at about 10 - 15 feet. Biggest I have ever seen. Terry was a real nice guy. He held the camera for the pics that we took together lol. After we took one, I said thank you and he suggested a second so that it was sure to come out. The real amazing thing was when I watched lost when I got back on the ship after I posted and I realized that his voice and mannerisms were exactly the same on the show as when I met him and he was not filming. I have watched some interviews with other cast members and they always seem different from the character they are playing. Terry was playing catch with someone that was younger, not sure if it was a cast member or crew, but it sticks out now that he was dressed like Locke (of course he would be since they were filming) but also that he sounded and had the same mannerisms. Another funny thing is that Richard was so easy to spot on the set. he has this way of standing and walking that stands out. His arms are always out from his body when he walks lol. Anyway, I will definitely post some pics when I get back on Thursday. I got some pics of the garage area where Juliet was working on the vehicles in the last episode too. Very neat to have seen this in person. Take Care.


Michael Emerson:
Season 5 has two story lines that end in "cataclysmic" events and he is involved with one of the two but the more "powerful" one he is not a part of

Evangeline Lilly (Translated from French - Might not be fully accurate):
She explain that the season finale is a shock. When she read the script she couldn't believe it. The season ends with something strange and new. It is the most interesting twist in the show that has ever happened and she'll be a part of it.


-We will learn more about the black smoke in the finale
-Faith is because of science (Jack VS Locke?)
-Vincent is with the survivors at the end of the series
-Kate will make her choice in the Season 6


-We will be seeing a 3rd Eloise Hawking. This time played by Alice Evans who will between the ages of the young and old Ellie.
-The Wedding scene is definitely that of Sun and Jin as has previously been reported and NOT that of Aaron and JiYeon that has been speculated on some sites.
-Jacob will be in attendance of the ceremony.


Question: Do you have any snippet to share with us about Lost's season finale? --Megan
Ausiello: We will come to learn that the dude who may or may not be playing Jacob bore witness to pivotal events in the pre-island lives of Locke, Sayid, and Sawyer.

Question: Will we ever find out what happened to Rose and Bernard on Lost? --Lucas
Ausiello: I'm hearing we will.


Jacob did not interact very long with Young Sawyer but did act as a type of conscious saying something about "I know what you did".


Couple of Finale Snippets:

-Sayid gets wounded
-We will see the return of the Cabin


Evo i glumca koji ce glumiti Jacoba:

Ovaj put sam licno uploadovao slike, tako da sigurno rade.
Bas sam se pomucio oko svega ovoga, ali neka, ipak je to finale sezone.


--- Citat: SuperSerb - 05.02.2009. 17:01:47 ---A evo i nesto pomalo iznenadjujuce:

Videcemo i Jina u sledecoj epizodi!!!
--- Kraj citata ---

Ne kontam šta je tu iznenađujuće kada smo ga već vidjeli u ovoj?


Nisam ja jos odgledao cetvrtu. :)
Obrisacu taj deo.


Dodano jos slika u prvu poruku.

Edit 2:

Dodata najava i jos jedna slika.

Edit 3:

Dodana jos jedna vest.

neeeeeee,ako umre dzulijet necu vise da gledam  >:( a gos'n jj koga svi tako gotive, tamo u onom normalnom topiku, je retard ako ubije njen lik...

Ja sam samo rekao sta ja mislim, i sta se uglavnom prica po netu.
Ali, naravno, ne mora da znaci da je to istina.
Moze da umre bilo ko ko se nalazi na ostrvu.


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