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George R.R. Martin’s "Game of Thrones"

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HBO has given a pilot order to fantasy project "Game of Thrones."

The program is based on George R.R. Martin’s bestselling series of novels "A Song of Fire & Ice" and executive produced by David Benioff ("Troy") and D.B. Weiss ("Halo"). The title “Game of Thrones” is from the first novel in the series.

If greenlit, “Thrones” would represent the rarest of TV genres: a full-fledged fantasy series.

Though broadcasters have embraced sci-fi-tinged shows in recent years following the success of ABC’s “Lost” and NBC’s “Heroes,” and supernatural themes have been given a spin by CW’s “Supernatural” and HBO’s own “True Blood,” high fantasy is nearly nonexistent in primetime TV history -- and “Thrones” is an unabashed member of the genre. The books have swords, dragons, magic, the works.

“Fantasy is the most successful genre in terms of feature films given the incredible popularity of ‘Lord of the Rings’ and Harry Potter movies,” Benioff said. “High fantasy has never been done on TV before and if anybody can do it, it’s HBO. They’ve taken tired genres and reinvented them -- mobsters in ‘The Sopranos’ and Westerns with ‘Deadwood.’”

The cost of producing a fantasy series is usually a big factor that deters networks. The producers note “Thrones” is written as a character drama and major battles often take place off stage.

“It’s not a story with a million orcs charging across the plains,” Weiss said. “The most expensive effects are creature effects and there’s not much of that.”

Martin plans seven books in the series. The producers intend for each season to span one novel....   navijac navijac navijac navijac

rezerviram prijevode...  LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL


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Cini se jako zabavno, a taman sam poceo gledati Legend of the Seeker  ;D

HBO nije televizija HBO je magija  bootyshake

Zasto je ovo u opcenito?
I kad ovo pocinje?

tek će se snimati pilot, a i onda mora dobiti odobrenje od glavešina HBO-a jer se natječe 10-ak pilota... vjerojatno sezona 09/10...:( ali glavno da se pokreće - HBO je kupio prava još prije 2 godine... bar oni koji nisu, imaju vremena pročitati knjige - preporučujem... notworthy notworthy


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